Phil McGinness

I was almost pre-destined to go into a creative field, my family being littered with talented people, Adams family potters, a glass blower, draftsman, graphic designer, photographer and musician. I started small with a Fine Art Foundation Course in St.Helens, and on leaving, for no apparent reason, gained a HGV licence. I heaved lorries around the UK for a year or two before beginning a Fine Art Printmaking course, undeterred by limited job prospects in that field. I may have had some latent talents, but common sense was obviously not one of them. Inevitably I then spent even more time 'on the road,' looking for, and eventually finding, work as a Graphic Artist in Harrogate. Shortly after moving to Harrogate, I broke my back.

With time on my hands and limited prospects at that time, I decorated my small flat with panel murals.Visitors liked these, leading to my selling them door to door. My skills slowly grew beyond just the murals, and I eventually entered the craft fair circuit. I kept on developing my work, through pencils and on to watercolour gouache, acrylics and finally oils. My usual work is the animal portraiture, but I also enjoy creating my unique Kotuzow pieces for a complete change and some relaxation.

Whatever I'm working on I just want to do a good job of it, and I'm a tougher critic than any outside observer, believe me. I have experimented over the years and always use the very best materials I can afford. I think anything less compromises the end quality of the work.

Tel: 01423 523610